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Through the integration of global resources, we introduced a series of unique and leading technology products, including 047, 086 ultra-flexible cable assemblies, T26/T40 series precision test cable and VNA series test cables up to 67GHz.


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MIcable Inc. is a joint venture established by SSI Cable Corp. USA and Mitron Inc. China in 2006.  Our goal is to offer the high performance microwave & millimeter wave coax cable assemblies with cost effective solution to meet the various application requirements. MIcable can offer not only the semi-rigid, flexible, hand-flex and integrated cable assemblies up to 67 GHz, but also precision N, SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm & NMD adapters as well as many other cable connectors.  MIcable mainly focuses on the high end market, our working way is to utilize the resources that we and our partners have, to help the customer solve various challenges by the applications, such as low loss, phase and amplitude stable, phase matching and tracking, high reliability and high power handling, etc.
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