2020 04

Apr, 2020

MIcable released the 2.4~7.25GHz ultra-wideband high-precision Butler Matrices and 0.5~50GHz 2-way power divider/combiner for WiFi testing in Microwave Journal.

2020 03

Mar, 2020

With the release of 1~18GHz 400W CW series couplers, MIcable has entered into the industry's technology leadership in the field of ultra-wideband high-power couplers.

2019 11

Nov, 2019

MIcable introduced the directional couplers and dual directional couplers with various coupling degrees from 0.5 to 40 GHz to the market. At present, the R&D and production technologies of the couplers are at the forefront of the world. It almost provides a series of couplers with the widest frequency band reported in the visibility report. It can provide couplers with various coupling values in the whole frequency band and support multi degree customization.

2016 07

Jul, 2016

By integrating global resources and independent innovation, MIcable introduced five kinds of .047" cables to meet various applications which are the most complete in the industry. They’re semi-rigid and four versions of flexible cables (standard flexible, high-strength, low-loss & ultra-low-loss).

2016 05

May, 2016

MIcable introduced the T26 test cable assemblies which are qualified for over 150K bending cycles. Its ultra-flexible performance and high reliability set a new benchmark for the industry!

2013 09

Sep, 2013

MIcable president, Mr. Wei Liu published an article entitled "Optimized cable assemblies per application requirements" in Microwave Journal, the world's top application magazine in microwave & RF field, marking that MIcable has become a world leader in the field of testing cables and phase stability cable assemblies for phased array applications.