Technical advantages

Technical Advantages

☑ Connector and adapter design capability up to 67GHz
☑ Cable assemblies up to 67GHz with typical performance of VSWR: 1.25:1@40GHz, 1.30:1@50GHz and 1.35:1@67GHz
☑ Various multi-pin connector harness cable assemblies with frequency up to 50GHz, phase matching and tracking available
☑ State-of-the-art wide band & ultra-wideband / microwave & millimeter wave passive components product line
and related R&D capability
Advanced manufacturing technology

Manufacturing Technology

☑ Low loss flexible, semi-rigid & conformable cable assemblies manufacturing technologies
☑ Various high precision & reliable test cable assemblies manufacturing technologies
☑ Precision phase tuning & matching technology with the accuracy of ±0.075°/GHz (e.g. ±2°@26.5GHz, ±3°@40GHz)
☑ Patent for automatic bending machine
Products capability

Products Capability

☑ Cable assemblies, connectors, adapters and passive components up to 67 GHz
☑ Blind-mated multi-pin harness cable assemblies up to 50 GHz
☑ High performance phase matching, phase tracking cable assemblies
☑ 3D bending semi-rigid cable assemblies
☑ Wideband and ultra-wideband microwave & millimeter wave power dividers/combiners,couplers, 90°& 180°hybrids up to 67GHz
☑ Various wideband and narrow band butler matrices
Quality control

Quality Control

☑ Using the same quality control system as SSI in compliance with MIL-I-45208 & MIL-STD-2219
☑ Trainers and assemblers are certified by IPCJ-STD-001 and IPC/WHMA-A-620
☑ 100% product inspection at various stages of production
☑ Strict after-sales service and quality tracking system
☑ Regular training & technical exchanges by foreign experts
☑ Comprehensive quality control and inspection
Technical & application support

Technical &
Application Support

☑ Help customers find the most suitable cable solution according to the application
☑ Meet customer requirement on various connectors design
☑ Semi-rigid cable layout design and phase matching service for cable assemblies on site
☑ Fast delivery service for samples and products (1 day to 1 week for standard products)
☑ We offer custom service for various narrowband broadband passive components
☑ 24-Hour support service