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In March, MIcable attended EDI CON (Electronic Design and Innovation Conference)2018
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In March, MIcable attended EDI CON China 2018 in Beijing, China. At this exhibition, MIcable introduced the complete phase & amplitude stable cable assembly solution for 5G testing and connection, the first 40GHz millimeter wave multi-pin harness assemblies solution, and the full range of the world's leading-technology microwave and millimeter wave wideband and ultra-wideband passive components solution!

During the exhibition, Mr. Wei Liu, the president of MIcable accepted the special interview by the organizer.He took this opportunity to introduce the new products, Multiport automatic testing system based on switch matrix , 1×16 high resolution phase & amplitude controlled system, multi-channel high precision fading simulator etc. Then, at the seminar, Mr Wei Liu made a workshop with the title ”How to use wideband high resolution phase & amplitude controlled matrix to help the R&D and test related to 5G”.