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19-Pin High Performance D38999 Multi-Coax Cable Assemblies
Release time:2021-07-23 Author:MIcable Browse times:1169

19-Pin High Performance D38999 Multi-Coax Cable Assemblies can transmit 19-channels RF signals to 40GHz at one-timing mounting. The product has compact structure and reliable connection, the core is used ultra-incompletely matched design to ensure excellent electrical performance, stable and reliable signals. The plug circular connector uses D38999III series standard three-threaded structure, which allows quick and easy connection and disconnection, and they have positioning error-proof design to avoid any mis-operation and automatic loosening. They have good performance in mechanical shock and vibration, and also excellent and stable electrical performance. They can be widely used in military and civil antenna array systems, communication systems, airborne shipboard equipment and so on.