Cable Assemblies
C29S Superbend® Microwave/MMW Cable Assemblies
Release time:2021-02-20 Author:MIcable Browse times:506

MIcable C29S Superbend® cable assembly is specially designed for the solution of the interconnection in the compact space condition. It is ideal replacement to traditional right-angle connector semi-rigid/conformable/flexible cable assemblies. It uses low loss and phase stable cable with high tensile strength stainless steel braids, the cable outer diameter is 2.64mm and the bending radius is less than 5mm. The connectors of cable assembly are designed with compact structure and high retention force (>90N), it eliminates the requirement for right-angle connectors as the cable can be bended vertically at the root of joint and the space for bending is even smaller than the regular right-angle connector. The outstanding advantages from this design are space saving, high reliability and cost saving.