Passive Components
0.5 to 50 GHz Ultra-Wide Band 2 Way Power Divider/Combiner
Release time:2020-04-30 Author:MIcable Browse times:844

Model P02N005500 is 2 Way 0.5~50GHz DC pass through Way Power Divider/Combiner it has 3.8dB Max., insertion loss 16dB Min., isolation 1.7:1 Max., Sum Port VSWR 1.6:1 Max., Output Port VSWR ±0.4dB amplitude balance and ±6 ° phase balance. The input power as the power divider is 20W average. As combiner, it can stand for 5W average input power. The size is 149.2x26.4x12.7 mm (5.87x1.03x0.50 inches), weight is 150g Max., the operating temperature is -55~+85°C.  

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