Cable Assemblies
A11/B10 Series High Power & Ultra Low Loss Cable Assemblies
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MIcable A11/B10 series cable assemblies are specially designed for high power, low loss, high shielding effectiveness applications. The Max.imum CW power handling is up to 3340W@1GHz & 910W@10GHz for A11, and 455W@18GHz for B10, as well as Typical insertion loss is 0.100dB/m@1GHz & 0.361dB/m@10GHz for A11 and 0.66dB/m@18GHz for B10. They all have the shielding effectiveness less than -90dB. Connectors:A11- N, SC and 7/16 type; B10 - N, TNC and 7/16 type.